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Our Voices Were Heard.

The Controlled Act of Psychotherapy has Passed!

After 10 Years

8 Months of Grass Roots Political Campaigning

1900+ Emails to Government

65+ Meetings with 35+ MPPs

A Big Success!

Thank You

Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) applauds each and every member and supporter for their hard work in this campaign.

Government has announced the passing of the controlled act of psychotherapy, protecting the public and ensuring access to essential mental health services from qualified practitioners for all Ontarians.

What this means:

• Qualified Registered Social Workers will regain access to the title "Psychotherapist." 

• Increased clarity around who can provide psychotherapy services and thus better access to mental health services in Ontario. 

• The practice of psychotherapy will be carried out by highly trained Registered Social Workers and other designated regulated professions - ensuring greater public protection.

OASW was pleased to work with the Ontario government when they initially passed the Psychotherapy Act in 2007, and have continued to work closely with government on its development over the past several years. Passing the controlled act of psychotherapy is an essential element of the Psychotherapy Act, and makes it one of the 14 controlled acts under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA).

Thank you to 
everyone who added their voice, supported this campaign, and contributed to this important success for the profession of Social Work in Ontario.

For more detailed information on how this will impact professional practice, visit the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service workers (OCSWSSW) website: www.ocswssw.org